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Dynamic Mud Filtercake Testing
Can mud filtercake impair production?

C&A has successfully delivered testing and consulting services in the oil industry since 1997. C&A provides customized lab testing for Oilfield Completion and Stimulation Services. Test offerings are based on client protocol, data requirements, and specific well conditions. Our tests yield precise, high quality, reproducible data – on time, every time.

Sand Retention – Brine Flow
Constien & Associates offers 2 types of sand retention testing using brine flow.

The C&A Constant Rate Brine Flow Test is a constant rate test typically using 3% KCl which simulates an erosional-type failure of the formation onto the screen. The C&A Cyclical Brine Flow Test a constant drawdown test designed specifically for injector wells.

Sand Retention – Constant Drawdown
Sand Retention Testing designed to meet a variety of conditions.

The C&A Constant Drawdown Test enables the client to quantify critical performance properties of commercial sand control screens including the amount and size of formation sand produced through the screen and loss of screen permeability.

Brinell Hardness

C&A offers shale strength testing to help determine damage in strength to cores from fracturing fluids.

Capillary Suction Time

C&A offers Capillary Suction Testing (CST) which utilizes off-the-shelf equipment to give rapid determination of fluid and shale interactions.

Friction Reduction

C&A has developed a small scale laboratory pipe flow device to compare the performance of different friction reducers in water, making it possible to perform friction testing with actual field water samples.

Shale Fracturing Testing

A suite of practical laboratory tests has been developed to characterize the performance of shale fracturing fluids and chemicals.

HPHT Grace

High pressure testing is available to measure rheological properties of fluids at up to 30,000psi and 600oF. Testing is completely customizable to match specific conditions including shear rate, pressure, and temperature.

Pressurized Concentric Cylinder Viscometer

Pressurized concentric cylinder testing is available per ISO recommended procedures or can be modified to meet client test parameters.

Rheology Testing

Constien & Associates offers fracturing fluid rheology tests designed to meet a variety of conditions. Custom tests are available to match specific well conditions as desired.

Tubing Shear History Simulator

Fluids can be conditioned by pumping through a Tubing Shear History Simulator to match the shear rate and time at shear found in the tubulars before the fluid enters the fracture.


C&A offers testing for measuring the long-term conductivity of ceramic, natural sand or resin-coated proppants. Testing procedures for fracture conductivity can be performed per standard ISO 13503-5 recommendations.