The focus of practice for C&A is research and testing in:

  • Selecting of sand control screens for horizontal and vertical wells in unconsolidated formations.
  • Evaluations of drill-in fluids for fluid loss control and filtercake cleanup. Evaluation of fluid loss control pills.
  • Rheological measurements of linear and cross-linked hydraulic fracturing fluids, drill-in fluids and well control pills.
  • C&A has developed a test apparatus to assist in verifying performance of Friction Reducers in small-scale tubing.
C&A operations are based in Owasso Oklahoma, but performs ongoing testing for projects all over the globe. Fluid, screens, and formation samples are shipped every week for testing purposes.
For over 17 years, C&A has been known for its custom testing abilities, and high integrity data. Clients say they use C&A because of its reputation of being fast and reliable, and its willingness to custom design and build equipment/procedures when needed.
C&A’s test offerings are designed to save the client both time and money. Without proper testing the completions process is most vulnerable to costly risks. Testing Data allows the client to choose the most effective screen, or best optimize their mud performance resulting in more “best case” scenarios in the field. Guess work, and trial-and-error are never the best approach. “Test or Be Tested” is never truer in the completions process.
Simply call C&A, Inc., or send an email to find out what test offerings may be right for your project, and what the costs would be. Phone 918-272-9099 or email to sales@candalab.com
C&A thrives on innovation. Many of our test offerings were derived from a custom test at one point over the years. C&A encourages its clients to bring their needs to the table, no matter what they are.
C&A test methods are repeatable and accurate. C&A continues to leverage 17 plus years of experience and testing data to maintain the highest levels of data integrity.
C&A ensures all test data available via download for convenience. All results are kept confidential.
Test grids & procedures are prepared for each project and agreed to by the customer before testing. Any samples needed from client are shipped prior to performing the test, unless already in stock at C&A. Sample amounts and sizes will be provided to each customer according to their needs.
When needed, arrangements are made for the shipment of all samples to C&A. MSDS sheets are required to accompany samples that are hazardous. C&A can assist in determining the best method of providing testing samples for testing.